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Be The Best You Can. And Then Some

Who is Liz Murray?

Who is Liz Murray? Take a deep breath and say wow, what a wonderful woman if you already know. And if you don’t, prepare to be amazed for she is determination personified. Born in New York in September 1980 to parents both of whom were drug addicts. Her start in life was a struggle to…
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Don’t Panic Buy

It’s hard not to be a sheep, but don’t panic buy fuel, meat, toilet roll or anything the mass media is trying to scare us into thinking there is going to be a shortage of. My fuel tank was almost empty the other day, I rarely let it get that dry but I had foolishly…
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Hot Tips To Get You Motivated

Hot tips to get you motivated, so you can go from zero to hero. Remember you can do this. Hot tips to get you motivated #1 GET ANGRY. Get angry. Yes you read that right. Getting furious is a brilliant hot tip to get you motivated. If you want to shift your life for the…
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