I made a lion roar

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I made a lion roar

Yes, really. I made a lion roar. For the first time in nearly a decade I worked out in the gym and upon walking out into the fresh air, hell no, upon strutting out into the fresh air a lion roared. Let me put it into perspective.

Roaring Lion Thanks to Ian ZA For the Image

We all know what’s it’s like. One day you are a regular user at the gym. Early morning spinning or circuits. Lifting weights, doings classes. Five days a week. It’s a religion. It’s a passion. You can’t function without going. And then. You miss a day. A day slips into a week. Months pass. It happened to me. And then going to the gym is just a distant memory.

Four years ago I suffered an injury which meant even if I wanted to go I couldn’t. There wasn’t a hope in hell that I could even jump on a rowing machine or pound away on the treadmill. In fact, I couldn’t even jog, or walk without difficulty. 20,000 steps on my pedometer was a distant dream. Walking with crutches became the norm.

Physiotherapy. MRI Scans. CT Scans. X rays. Medication. Surgery Time off work. Unsympathetic Managers. Threat of disciplinary action through absenteeism. Imagine that?

I needed a lions heart to get through it

My injury is nothing to the pain and despair some people have to endure, but none the less. It has been a burden. Not being able to do what one wants to do is frustrating. And annoying. Not to mention mentally draining. However, after the long haul, finally I reached the point where my injury has mended enough that I’ve stepped back into the gym. I worked long and hard and it felt good to be back. the endorphins sparked back into life, my heart rate elevated. Damnit I felt good.

As I exited, the doors parted and I breathed in the cool fresh Spring air and like I said, strutted out into the car park. And then, I heard the lions roar. That magnificent royally loud 114 decibel proud and iconic roar and I felt it was just for me. I guess it’s one of the advantages of having your local gym next door to the zoo, but hey, it made my day,

It was a call to say you did it, to make me feel proud of myself, That despite it all, I had the motivation to keep going and I did it. The King of The Jungle roared just for me. Booyah!

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