Hot Tips To Get You Motivated

Be The Best You Can. And Then Some

Hot Tips To Get You Motivated

Hot tips to get you motivated, so you can go from zero to hero. Remember you can do this.

Hot tips to get you motivated #1 GET ANGRY.

Get angry. Yes you read that right. Getting furious is a brilliant hot tip to get you motivated. If you want to shift your life for the better get angry about where you’re at now, you will start to crush those goals with that pent fury. I will just say that again though.

If you want to shift your life for the better get angry about where you’re at now.

Having a blasé, couldn’t care less attitude towards change isn’t what’s needed and it won’t create a strong desire within you. So ask yourself: “Why do I want to change?” Are those credit cards DEBTS stacking up? Does your job DRIVE YOU CRAZY? Is your life DULL AND BORING? Are you SICK AND TIRED of being sick and tired? Are you getting worn down by those uninspiring, unhappy, negative people you associate with?

THEN GET ANGRY ABOUT IT. And I mean REALLY ANGRY. Write it all down, all of the frustrating, unrewarding, things that makes you miserable and will keep you miserable until your final days and ask yourself:


Hot tip to get you motivated #2

Create a picture board and images

and fill it with images of your desired goals. Your DREAM. What is it you want? To lose weight? Get that healthy body? Stop smoking? Get a job? Start your own business? Become a writer? A Professional Wrestler? An actor? Join the Army? Become a Nurse? Do you want to beat depression? Do you want to be able to get out of can do this. Get pictures of what it is you WANT and create a picture board and fill them with your dream. Snippets and quotes. And then place them everywhere. In your car, in your purse, on your desk, by the mirror in the bathroom. In your wallet. Every moment you are awake and everywhere you go you get a reminder of what you are aiming for. Stay focused and keep motivated.

Hot tip to get you motivated #3

Appreciate the value of time.

Appreciate the value of time. It’s one of the most precious resources you have so don’t waste it, so cherish it’s value. Remember this: Life is short and the clock is ticking. Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t waste a moment because when he came to the USA he knew what he wanted, he had his dreams and his goals and by golly he was motivated. He got up early, no snooze button for him and he went to college, worked out at the gym, did his construction job during the day and then acting classes at night. His now famous line of sleep faster which he gave during one of his Motivation Speeches is perfect. I’ve attached it below and it’s worth watching and trust me, you won’t be wasting your time! Are you motivated and crushing those goals yet?

Respect, right there. His current wealth is at $400 million. Now money isn’t everything, but as Robert Kiyosaki says:

"I hear" - "I'd rather be happy than rich. Why not be both?""

We don’t know how much time we have – no one does, so why waste the time we have? One of the biggest excuses for not doing something and for not reaching those goals for not even getting started, is I don’t have time.

We all have the same 24 hours so what’s your excuse?

Hot tip to get you motivated #4

Are you a sheep or a wolf?

So do you consider yourself a sheep or a wolf? Are you a follower or a leader? Are you just going with the flow? Punching in the time card every day because that’s what was expected of you? Are you at some dead end job because someone told you you’d never amount to anything and you believed them? Do you sit at that meeting thinking about your great idea but just don’t have the nerve to speak up, because, hey, no one ever listens to you anyway, so what’s the point? Seriously, does this describe YOU? Do you just follow all the other sheep, quietly harbouring your dreams? Or do you want to be different, a leader, a warrior, an innovator who possesses the courage to be you and to do what you want to do and make your dreams happen? Have the courage to make those changes.

 Don't be a sheep. Be a wolf. Be whoever you want to be.


For What It's Worth
It's never too late to be
Whoever you want to be
I hope you live a life
You're proud of
And if you find that
You're not
I hope you have the
Strength to start over


Hot tip to get you motivated #5

Embrace Your Fears.

Fear is the force that is determined to beat you, but only if you let it, so embrace your fears. Kick it’s arse.

Instead, use it to keep you fresh and to keep you on your toes and to keep you from hitting that snooze button. Don’t let it destroy your dreams or to take away your happiness and crush your spirit.

Mary Anne Radmacher said:

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘ I will try again tomorrow.’ “

Imagine this thought on your final days: “I didn’t do the things I wanted because I was too frightened to live”.  

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