Get Confident and Move On With Your Life

Be The Best You Can. And Then Some

Get Confident and Move On With Your Life

Get confident and move on with your life. It’s all very well me shouting from the roof tops, do this and do that, but what if you are shy? What if the very motivation you need is to overcome your lack of self-esteem and shyness and build your confidence? We can help.

Are you shy?

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Do you have difficulty in coping with people or situations? Does the very thought of going for an interview make you cringe? Does the thought of approaching your boss for a raise make your heart race and your blood pressure go off the charts? Then I have good news for you. You do not have to suffer from shyness and you should not feel insecure and fear that you are being judged with every step you take.  Winning the war with shyness or lack of confidence takes practice, but is definitely well worth the effort and the results are amazing, but how do you get there?

Want to wake up feeling like you could take on the world?

In order to do so you need to wake up feeling good about yourself, able to face the world with confidence and a certainty that no self doubts can get in your way of achieving your dreams and ambitions. Of course there are hundreds of books written on the subject on how to gain confidence, but here’s a few quick techniques that anyone and everyone can practice. Let’s Get Confident and move on with your life.

You are awesome

Every morning, as soon as you get up, stand in front of a mirror and shout “I am awesome” Repeat this affirmation. Believe it. Shout it in the shower. In the car. When you are running. When you are alone in the elevator. Shout it with enthusiasm everyday until it’s ingrained into your subconscious mind. Don’t feel self conscious, this will build up your self esteem. Remember let’s get confident and move on with your life.

You are awesome! Keep at it.

The results will amaze you.  Remember the film, Cool Runnings Yul made Junior stand in front of the mirror?

I see pride. I see power.

Looking Good

Looking good and feeling good. This gives you an extra feeling of confidence and self esteem. On its own just knowing that you look good will boost your confidence and reinforce with others that there are things about you that are worth getting to know.  Forget the grey tracksuits and worn out tee shirts, look snappy, look hot, feel hot and be awesome.

Be honest

If you are in a group of people and you are struggling, don’t just stand there and suffer in silence. Confide in someone. Let them know, tell them you don’t do well in large crowds, tell them you prefer to be closer to the door. Be honest. People will empathise. If there are one or two who are toxic, trust me, you don’t need them in your life and they will look the fools. People respect honesty, and vulnerability and you will attract more honest people into your life as a result.

Move On With Your Life

Time to move on with your life. Remember you are important and take care of you, so take time out for you. Engage in activities that will stimulate you mentality and physically and build your self-esteem. Handle rejection and don’t take it too personally. Motivate yourself everyday to become the best you can be, to be where you want to be. Take stock, eradicate the negatives, welcome the positives. Don’t stagnate.

There’s 24 hours in a day. Don’t waste any of it by faltering because of uncertainty. Remember you are awesome.

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