Commitment and Success Strategy

Be The Best You Can. And Then Some

Commitment and Success Strategy

Having a commitment and success strategy definitely go hand in hand, clearly there are many other elements but commitment is the key. Goals will take some energy and work and not to mention planning, but when you decide to commit then you will achieve and become a success at whatever you aim to do. However, if you have commitment issues, these will definitely need dealing with first.

Unfinished Business

Initially you have to recognize if you have an issue with commitment. How many projects do you have unfinished? How many times have you started something but ran out of steam? Unfinished business is a true sign of lack of commitment, although don’t confuse commitment with procrastination. Thinking about something and then placing a strategy in place is fine providing you then complete. Incompletion through lack of commitment is the issue! How many times have you seen a rusty old classic car on blocks in someone’s drive? They had the bright idea to buy the car, do it up, had the dream of maybe selling it on for a few extra £$ or cruising around looking cool. However, they lacked commitment when it came to the hard work of actually fixing the broken axle, or getting the parts ordered. Or applying the wax. The dream was the there but commitment was not, so the successful result stays on the driveway, gathering dust and rust for the neighborhood to see. “Soon.” “Next week.” There is always an excuse for losers. No commitment, no success.

Don’t Blame it on Time

You can commit to something, but never finish because you say you simply don’t have the time, just doesn’t cut it. As Arnold would say, SLEEP FASTER. We all have the same 24 hours in the day and it is how we decide to make those commitments to achieve our successes. Alternatively, if you feel that you have so much time you can delay, that’s just a way of putting it off, another layer if you like just a repackaged fear of commitment. You will never achieve your goals and be successful if you don’t do it.

Professional Help

If you feel you have a constant fear of commitment then perhaps it may be prudent to seek professional help to deal with this, by speaking with a doctor or counselor. You will also want to build a strong support system that will assist you to accomplish your goals and help you with your commitment. You will want to deal with your fear of commitment as soon as possible. Remember commitment equals success in just about everything in life.

Looking Back

You will need to look at yourself and your past so that you can learn. Looking back at the mistakes you have made and realize that if you had committed fully then that project would have been a success. Looking back at your failed marriage, looking back at the career which never really took off, looking back at your life and realizing your mistakes is a great way to take stock, learn and move forward. Don’t dwell on past mistakes, learn, reevaluate and move on. Plan and commit.

Mental and General Health

You will also want to think about things like your mental and general health. How many people do you know have worked hard to build a business up and then had a heart attack at fifty and haven’t enjoyed the fruits of their success because they did not look after themselves? You will need to eat, sleep, and exercise properly so that you can be ready for anything. Commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle, do it now. Not next month. Don’t wait until January. Commit right now. Wok out a strategy to a successful way to gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle so when you are successful you can enjoy the life you have worked so hard to achieve. You do not want to suffer with high cholesterol, have a heart attack, suffer with depression or anxiety. So put things in place now.

Believe In Yourself

Remember to believe in yourself. Be determined and commit wholeheartedly and do not falter. This is the recipe for success. This is the strategy. Do not waiver. Do not take the easy route but take the right path for you. Believe.

Be the best you can. And then some.

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