Month: October 2021

Be The Best You Can. And Then Some

The Art of Mindfulness

Mindfulness these days has become very popular and rightly so, but it is an art to master it. My Mom, had it right back in the sixties and seventies. She used to say to me: “Mind what you are doing.” She didn’t need any classes to tell her how to do it either. She had…
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Who is Liz Murray?

Who is Liz Murray? Take a deep breath and say wow, what a wonderful woman if you already know. And if you don’t, prepare to be amazed for she is determination personified. Born in New York in September 1980 to parents both of whom were drug addicts. Her start in life was a struggle to…
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5 Famous Failures Who Became Successful

Here’s a list of 5 famous failures who became successful because they chose not to give up. Failure is not final, it doesn’t mean you stop doing, pack up and go home. Don’t give up if things are stacking up against you. Just keep on form, stay poised and focused. Soichiro Honda How many of…
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Here are 5 tips to staying healthy, because after all health is wealth emotionally and financially. We can have all the success in the world but if we don’t have the health to enjoy it, what’s the point? 1.Eat Well/Healthy Diet Avoid unhealthy fats and other processed foods that are high in calories and saturated…
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It’s difficult to bounce back after a knock. Resilience is the key to maintaining motivation, but sometimes we have to dig deep. Life isn’t fair. People are cruel, heartless and even down right difficult. And it’s difficult to fight back when you have morals and integrity, but cheaters never prosper. Not long term anyway. What…
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